Get funding for projects from a
purpose-built facility to a van.

Applications born out of deep conviction about the way forward for your programme – if you can communicate that clearly – are more likely to win support.


Applications can be for capital projects such as buildings or vehicles, for paying existing staff or hiring new ones, for developmental costs such as setting up an internet presence or designing a new programme, for innovative outreach ideas, for funding for relief work or humanitarian aid projects, etc.

Presenting the love of Christ and the clear message of the Gospel must lie at the heart of every project. Donors will understand that those aims can be achieved in a myriad of ways.

Remember that it is the donors who will decide what they want to support, not the Foundation staff. Some will love capital projects, some will prefer to support staff directly, some may want to give to more edgy, experimental ideas; they will choose. The key for applicants is not to try to second guess what will attract support, but to ask yourself: what is God leading us to do?

To help to cover the administration costs of the Foundation, and also to encourage well founded, well thought out projects, each application must be accompanied by an application fee.

When you apply

When you apply for funds for a project, you can ask for any amount you like, but you pay an application fee of 1% of whatever you ask, with no limit. Here is the deal: if your application is successful, we hope you will not mind the 1%, and if it is not successful, you will get back 50% of the fee.

Those fees help us to keep the Foundation running, and in fact, contribute about 10% of our annual budget. We think that they also make frivolous applications less likely since each application costs you something.

The above is OK for small and medium projects, say up to $100,000. Your risk is limited to losing half of 1%, or a maximum of $500, which is still big for some nations, but probably not the end of the world.

However, we realise that some much bigger projects may be possible, in the $100,000 range and above. That makes the risk of losing even half of 1% a bit more serious. Therefore: the 1% fee will applies to all projects up to $100,000, so the fee will be a maximum of $1,000.

That means, for projects above that figure, send only $1,000 as the initial fee. If you are unsuccessful, you will still get half of that back.

If you are successful, however, at that point we will take our full 1%, and we trust, once again, that you will not mind.