Arlen Nordhagen
Founder and Vice Chairman, National Storage Affiliates Trust, Colorado, USA

I think FFTN is a tremendous fit for busy CEOs because we are all so time constrained that we just don’t have time to research the kinds of Kingdom opportunities and needs there are all around the world. FFTN provides that by finding the needs, doing the research to screen these needs to the top priority projects, then having those top projects summarized effectively and presented in a timely manner at the annual meeting with the committed donors. I really think it is a fantastic model and approach that works well for busy CEOs who want to support Kingdom work, but don’t have the time to figure out the best places to contribute.

Jean–Philippe (JP) Longeron
National Director of Youth for Christ Romania

When Jesus asked me to follow him, I gave it all.
When he laid a burden in me for youth, I preached with all my heart. When he asked me to do ministry, I just obeyed.

I was 20 years old when I started ministry. I never thought once about money. Neither did I doubt that He would provide…

I did not realize during my early years of ministry that if I was able to do so is that people were financing food, transportation and lodging for me.
I am a bit older today. I am a husband, a father, a national director responsible to provide for the needs of the people under me, and of the projects they carry.

I am working in a nation where the economy is low and where people are not used to give for ministry. John came few years ago in Romania to visit the ministry. We were struggling at that time to find the finances for the salary of our 2 first staffs. He committed immediately to find the support missing (around 40% of their salary). Today these 2 staffs are doing an amazing job in the gypsy community.

I thank God for John’s heart. I thank God for workers who make steps of faith to respond to God’s call. I thank God for donors who respond God’s call to finances missionaries and missionary projects. I thank God for “Foundations for the Nations” .

Koekoes van As
Youth for Christ, Botswana

Thank you John and team for what you did. Thank you to the partners for your generosity. Thank You Lord Jesus for being ever faithful.