Any kind of national or International
YFC entity.

It is important for projects to convey strongly the ethos and dynamic of the local YFC. This will enable healthy working relationships as the project progresses.


Applications can be from any of the four YFC Areas of the world. Due to the very large volume of applications in 2021, which put a huge burden on the Funding Partners as they tried to grade them, the following arrangements applied for 2022 and will do so again for 2023:

Firstly, a maximum of TWO applications will be accepted from any one YFC entity, that is, from a nation, a Region, and Area or YFCI. (A local chapter may apply, but must do so through its National Office, and its application will count as one of the two possible applications from that nation.)

Secondly, if making two applications, they should be marked: Priority 1 and Priority 2.


For applications to be accepted into the process of selection, they must meet the following criteria:

• Be from a chartered YFC nation
• From an Associate Chartered nation which plans to be back to full charter within the following twelve months
• A Regional or Area YFC office or the International office
• Endorsed by the National Director of the applying nation, by the Chair of the National Board, and by either the relevant Regional or Area Director or the International Director
• For a project which will begin within twelve months of the grant being received.

Note: An application can also be for a multiyear project, but because we cannot guarantee either that the same Partners will be involved in subsequent years, or that even if they are, your project will once again catch their attention, you will need to ask them to grant you this year what you need over the next several years, bearing in mind that the average grant so far has been just over $22,000.