Equipment for Visits to Youth Institutions.

This grant was to provide YFC in Moscow equipment, presents and transport cost for visits to orphans and children at risk in institutions.

With financial assistance from FFTN, YFC–Moscow was able to purchase PA equipment,
Props, Sports equipment, Prizes for children, Materials for crafts Stationery.
They were able to visit about 900 children with different programmes. Children that were visited are now more open, happier and their self–esteem grew. They developed good and deep relationship with the volunteers. They had opportunities to share the Good News and respond to children’s questions. 

These kind of relationships influenced the children on every level of their development (physical, intellectual, social and spiritual)  There was a positive response from the management of children’s institutions; all of them expressed gratitude and joy, and they said that such events had been very useful for children in terms of emotional, social, mental and intellectual development.

The caregivers of the children admitted that behaviour of the children and the educational process became easier. They also acknowledged positive influence of constant visitors coming from the outside. They are now much more open for cooperation with Christian volunteers.