Support for YFC staff.

With financial assistance from FFTN, YFC Hungary was able to pay the salaries and taxes on a monthly basis.

This support made a significant change in the life of YFC Hungary ministry as the staff didn’t need to worry if they would get their salary every month. Previously several times the staff received only 50% of the salaries on time with the remainder with 3–4 months’ delay.

Staff Support for YFC Hungary
YFC Hungary has Rock Solid Teen programmes in a local school once a week. They were able to build good connection with the students and organize programmes for them after school, invite them to summer camps, youth events outside of school and share the Gospel with them. With a stable financial background, they are able to continue the unique opportunity to take the gospel into the schools through different activities. Students can attend afternoon clubs and cultural programmes and they can also participate in special extracurricular activities.