Camps in Sicily.

The main aim of this project was to help kids in need to participate in YFC Easter and Summer camps in Sicily, giving them an opportunity to listen and live a gospel–centred super fun camp.

Finances are a continual struggle in Sicily, and the funds provided by FFTN helped 84 young people attend camp who were not able to pay the whole camp fee on their own or who would’ve had difficulty doing so. The FFTN grant made it much easier for the YFC team to allow each one of them to come who needed help.

Following these camps, numerous kids chose to be baptized or to be involved as volunteers in various YFC activities in Sicily (The Cage soccer outreach, My Space after school clubs) or in their local churches.

Camps in Sicily
Easter Camp and both Summer Camps turned out to be great opportunities to share the hope of Christ with a total of 240 participants and involve our young leaders in leading small groups, workshops, worship, and sports.

FFTN also helped YFC Sicily to communicate to the young people that we’re reaching out to, that they are welcome to participate in our activities and grow in Christ as a result, regardless of the financial situations that they are facing. FFTN has been an example of generosity in a culture where this is not frequently demonstrated on a financial level.